Thursday, September 11, 2003

Kohlenberger on Gender Accurate TNIV

Here's another one of interest from the (new to me) Priscilla Papers:

John Kohlenberger III, "What About the “Gender Accurate” TNIV? A review of the recently published Today’s New International Version." (PRISCILLA PAPERS Spring 2002: 16:2, pp. 1-9).

It's an excellent piece, a model of good comparative study of Bible translations; I particularly like the wealth of examples from TNIV and other translations. I must confess that I hadn't realised that there was a Today's New International Version. Kohlenberger explains the history of the emergence of this translation, which -- because of the controversy it generated among evangelicals -- will not replace the New International Version but will exist alongside it. TNIV has its own website:

Today's New International Version TNIV Bible

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