Sunday, October 01, 2006

Color of the Cross

I mentioned The Nativity Story yesterday. There's another Jesus film on release before that, and now quite soon, The Color of the Cross. Both Peter Chattaway (FilmChat) and Matt Page (Bible Films, see most recently Color of the Cross Press Release) have been doing their usual excellent job in keeping us informed of the latest. Unfortunately, it seems that the Color of the Cross website is currently down ("account suspended"), which is not encouraging, but one can still view the trailer on-line elsewhere, e.g. here:

Color of the Cross trailer

The film looks interesting, not least because of choosing a black actor to play Jesus, also its director, Jean-Claude La Marre. There's one rather Ali-G style line in the trailer, "Do you think they are doing this because he is black?" Further cause for concern comes from lines like "We are all different yet we are all the same". Nevertheless, this is definitely one to look out for. Let's hope the website is back on-line soon.

Update (Wednesday, 15.41): the Color of the Cross website is back up and includes a short ad, a minute and a half trailer, and a ten minute feature.


Whit said...

Mark, I found a working link at

Looks interesting!

EV said...

Mother Mary in a Palestinian-styled kaffiyeh? Oy!