Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zhubert Search Box

Many thanks to Zhubert for permission to add little Bible Browser box on the left in this blog. I had initially asked Zack for permission to add it here via a little bit of old-fashioned forms HTML, rather like on my old All-in-One, and I put a basic one up yesterday. But Zhubert has produced something dynamic and much nicer looking, which has the advantage of being served directly from so that it can be kept bang up to date (e.g. if more searches are added to the drop-down). Add it to your site too by just copying a couple of lines. Thanks, Zhubert, for continuing to develop such an excellent resource.

1 comment:

Whit+ said...

I noticed the box the other day and thought I had missed a comment when you added it. What a super site!