Thursday, October 05, 2006

Top 100 Universities

The Times Higher Education Supplement list of the world's Top 100 Universities is published today. The Times On-line has a feature article on it here:

Britain and America dominate list of best universities
By Alexandra Frean, Education Editor

Top three are Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford in that order. Duke comes in at 13 (down from 11). I was pleased to see Birmingham making a dramatic leap from 143 last year to 90 this.


JD said...

What's interesting to know about these rankings is the criteria. I remember some years ago while I was a researcher at CalTech, that year the rankings chose to devalue the criterion of alumni donation. It had the effect of lowering Harvard to #2 and raising CalTech to #1, which is the reverse from what it had been years previous.

Oddly enough, the CalTech students then repudiated the new ranking to spite Harvard.

Simon Gathercole said...


Interesting that Birmingham has just soared up the rankings. Did they get rid of some dead wood from their staff last year or something?!!

Simon G