Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beyond Belief on Paul

More from Radio 4: Beyond Belief back on 23 June dealt with Paul. No one else on the blogs has mentioned it so far (Surely I am the only biblioblogger who listens to Radio 4). The contributors are Paula Gooder, Gerald O'Collins and Ed Kessler, all three great choices, especially Paula! You can catch it again on Listen Again from the previous link (just select 23 June St Paul from the drop down menu). If you don't yet subscribe to the podcast, you can do so at Beyond Belief: Podcast. One choice question that gets discussed: would Paul have circumcised his son if he had one?


Jim said...

Not only are you the only blogger who listens to radio 4- you are the only person on the whole planet!


Anonymous said...

I listen to Radio 4 all the time when I'm there - except when the Archers are on.