Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Gabriel's Revelation" Tablet

While I was away from the blogging machine, a major story broke and the media and the biblioblogs have been full of it, Israel Knohl's interpretation of a newly discovered text on a tablet called "Gabriel's Revelation". Syneidon has a good summary of the issues, with links, and several bibliobloggers have been on hand to provide intelligent, critical commentary of the kind that establishes a major contribution to the discussion, with up-to-date, accurate and cautious assessments that contrast with some of those from various media outlets. Particularly worthy of note are the contributions by Tyler Williams on Codex Blogspot, Knohl, "Gabriel's Revelation" Tablet and the Resurrection; The Messiah Tablet (with tons of links) and Joe Zias on the ‘Vision of Gabriel’ ‘Messiah Tablet’ Or Whatever You Wish to Call It on Jim West's blog; New Messiah Stone by Michael Bird on Euangelion; Messianism before Christ: Gabriel's Revelation by Stephen Cook on Biblische Ausbildung; The Vision of Gabriel by Ed Cook on Ralph the Sacred River; New Inscription Found: "Messiah to be Raised After 3 Days"?! and Messiah Tablet Confirms Published Dissertation by Michael Barber on Singing in the Reign. Jim Davila is on top of the news over on Paleojudaica, Vision of Gabriel, Vision of Gabriel Inscription, Vision of Gabriel, Vision of Gabriel Watch, Vision of Gabriel Watch and An Anti-Messiah. Excellent work here from the bibliobloggers, as ever up to speed and ready to provide intelligent commentary on the breaking stories of the day.


Anonymous said...

His Eminence the good Bishop Wrong has written several posts in the last few days as well as a few weeks ago. You've missed him I think.

April DeConick said...


I have been writing some posts on this apocalypse as well, including a series of Apocryphotes on resurrection.