Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Smite the Amalekites!" More Henry Chadwick in Lives Remembered

And still the wonderful reminiscences of Henry Chadwick are pouring in. Tomorrow's Times has the following:

Lives remembered: The Very Rev Professor Henry Chadwick

They are all worth reading, but I loved this in particular from Canon Tim Roper:
Henry would arrive, panting, straight from the hockey field, at 4.02 for a 4pm supervision. In his rooms he used to dash behind a screen while we sat demurely. “Prophesy!” he would call, and we would read our essays to a blank screen from which emerged sounds of one changing. Finally, Henry would appear, dapper as ever, and deliver himself of learned thoughts about Bultmann, form-criticism, or whatever. Thirty years later I met him. He still remembered.
And for "Smite the Amalekites", you'll have to go to the article.

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