Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Biblioblogging Top 50 for January and other Wrongs

N. T. Wrong re-emerges twice this week, first to present the latest Biblioblog Top 50. It's good to see this blog maintaining a high position in the list, but I am puzzled by the absence of Jim Davila's Paleojudaica, down from 15 in December. This makes little sense, below blogs that have posted next to nothing throughout January.

And the second re-emergence is an interview with Jim West over at Biblioblogs.com, Blogger of the Month for February 2009. The interview is actually very entertaining, and the anti-bishop reveals a bit more of his voice. He is clearly enjoying trying to see what he can get away with, though, since there is an obscenity of the kind that is surprising (and frankly not entirely welcome) in an academic venue.

Update (Wednesday, 13.41): it appears that my comment above was unpopular, and several people have objected to it. For a fairly lengthy exchange, see the comments section on Earliest Christian History.


Loren Rosson III said...

...there is an obscenity of the kind that is surprising (and frankly not entirely welcome) in an academic venue.

I'm not wild about vulgar-heavy talk on academic blogs either, but a little bit here and there doesn't bother me, and in some cases is even refreshing. For instance, I love Wrong's irreverent remark about "God speaking out the ass" of evangelicals like Wright.

geoffhudson.blogspot.com said...

What's up with some of you lot about evangelicals? I would feel more comfortable in the company of Wright than Wrong. And it isn't just about the use of irreverent language either.

Bob MacDonald said...

Wrong is extremely clever and even at some points incisive - so much for my opinionated adjectives. But he can also be wrong. Language has subtle uses. In my so called conservative innocence I even missed the typo and the innuendo. If a man loves, he will not deal with the tenderness of the human body in some ways. If a man loves language, he will not use it in some ways. If a man is loved, he will know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Talk about opinionated! ;-)