Friday, February 13, 2009

New NT Gateway site launched

The new version of the NT Gateway site has now launched. We flipped the switch at about 6.30pm ET tonight. Apparently it takes a while for these things to percolate through the internet. I can't see it myself yet, here in North Carolina, but Ryan Burns at Logos reported that it's appearing out there in Bellingham, Washington, and a friend reports that he can see the new version in Austin, Texas. If you can see the new version of the site, with its new blog, I'd love to see your comments below. Thanks. It's the same address --


Anonymous said...

Hello Mark,

It looks like the page is working fine (11pm on Friday). The only thing not appearing here (in Canada - Bell DSL) is your icon in the top left corner. Perhaps the img link is not correct now that you've changed addresses. YOu may need to put that NTGateway icon image in the same directory as the new blog or change the link address to fetch the icon?

All the best.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Phil. I can't yet see the new site as it appears on the net here in NC, so can't check out that feature. If you mean this page, I have replaced the icon with my pic.

Mark Goodacre said...

Phil: I think I know what you were referring to. When we moved the NT Gateway over, the link to my old pic. vanished, so there was a blank at the top left hand corner of this page, my NT blog. I have now uploaded that pic. locally and so it should show up. Thanks for pointing that out.