Monday, February 16, 2009

N T Wrong: Transmission cut?

There was a moment almost exactly a year ago when transmission was cut on Jim West's blog. Now we are looking at something similar with N T Wrong, whose blog now appears to be hidden behind a protected sign. On occasions like this, I am reminded of one of my favourite scenes in The Truman Show when the failure to broadcast actually causes some of the highest viewing figures in the show's history as everyone wonders what has happened. With Wrong, it seems clear that the end of his blog was not the end of the story, first with the continuation of the Biblioblogging Top 50, then the biblioblogging interview and subsequently the missing December carnival. All the while, James Crossley's blog has what must be the longest comment thread of all time on the biblioblogs, generated at least in part by my distaste with Wrong's language in the interview previously mentioned. The current cut in transmission coincides with the recent blog discussions surrounding Ethical Considerations Relating to Pseudonymous Biblioblogging over on Stephen Carlson's Hypotyposeis.

So is this another one of Wrong's mini-deaths, with another resurrection to come soon? Or is it just a temporary glitch from the anti-bishop -- he cocked it up?

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Anonymous said...

conspiracy theories ... ho hum. So what he's anonymous, so what he swears - he knows more 'stuff' than most and has a sense of humour. Perhaps he got sick of spam or just sick of the silly fuss. As people were so offended by him anyway I'd be surprised if they were upset they couldn't read his blog. :-)