Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Dilettante Hobby Horse Biblioblog

The artist formerly known as N T Wrong has another new blog (see also The Biblioblog Top 50) and it resurrects one of the great innovations at the old NT Wrong blog, the dilettante hobby horse section, now given a whole blog to itself. If TAFKANT Wrong (for short) continues at this rate, we we will soon no longer be lamenting his demise:

The Dilettante Hobby Horse Biblioblog

Meanwhile a Facebook group called Come back NT Wrong continues on his trail.


N T Wrong said...

Yes, the 'dilettante hobby horse' was originally my idea. But, no, it's not my blog.

The Dilettante Hobby Horse Biblioblog is an 'unofficial spin-off.' It appears that I have spawned many little wrongs in biblioblogging cyberspace. But apart from the odd comment here and there, I'm rapidly disappearing, and may soon cease to be altogether. Will I be back like the Zombie saints who today live in Jerusalem, awaiting the ever-delayed Parousia? I can't rule that out, but not for now.

Yours always, etc said...

But he is not concerned about who might be behind it.

Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Anti. Thanks for that. Yes, closer inspection reveals that the Dilettante Hobby Horse Biblioblog can't be your work -- it lacks the requisite wit and sophistication for it to be from your stable. Oh well. When do we see the fruition of the project you mentioned in the bibliobloggers interview? Cheers, Mark.

N T Wrong said...

You're too sweet, Mark. And Geoff, my inspiration for the dilettante hobby-horse, that's a good observation. But I've already conversed with others concerning the identity of the site's author, and managed no more than idle speculations.

By the way, Mark - sooner or later people will cotton on to the first three letters in this blog's web address, and put two and two together. Frankly, I'm amazed Geoff hasn't done so already. After all, if one puts two and two together often enough, one ends up with such great nd fantastic constructions such as 'J' and 'P' and 'DtrH' and ... 'Q'.

That other project I mentioned is some months away from completion. When it finally comes, every eye shall see it. So don't worry that you might miss it. That won't happen. said...

Its Mark Goodacre.