Saturday, March 07, 2009

New URLs for my homepage and other academic materials

About three weeks ago, I announced that I had moved my home page and my own academic web materials to new locations at Duke. I did not imagine for a moment that I would need to move them again so quickly, but on Monday this week, the Duke servers suffered a major meltdown of some sort and at the end of the week, many Duke pages are still down. In well over a decade of having homepage and academic materials online, they have never experienced a crash like that. Back when they were on the University of Birmingham servers, they would occasionally be down for an hour or two, but rarely anything more. And while they were on the servers, they were never down, year in, year out. So I have decided to move them again, to a new and, I hope, permanent destination (in so far as anything is permanent on the net, of course). I have followed the lead of others and have bought my own domain name connected with my actual name, (Even if I had wanted, I could not have got it, on account of my namesakes's fine kitchen business). So the new URLs for my materials are as follows:

My homepage

The Case Against Q Website

The Synoptic Problem: A Way Through the Maze

The Aseneth Home Page

This one is now long in the tooth, but I keep it available for posterity / nostalgia, and because I devoted hours and hours of my time to it back in the day:

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search

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