Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gender analyzing my blogs

Over on Crypto-theology, Matthew Malcolm turns out to be only 41% male, and I thought I would run my blogs through the GenderAnalyzer too. There is actually a surprisingly clear pattern:

NT Gateway blog: "strong indicators" that it is "written by a man", 92%

My NT blog: "we think" that it is "written by a man", 67%

The Resident Alien: "we guess" that it is "written by a man, but it is quite gender neutral", 50%.

So it seems clear that the more my own personality is found, the less male and the more female I become.


Anonymous said...

Surely any references to Dr. Who are enough of an indicator of 100% male (I'll refrain from other descriptors such as sci-fi geek;) authorship.


Mark Goodacre said...

Yes, surprised me too, but perhaps they were neutralized by posts on Abba. I'm an interesting mix, you see :)

Stephen C. Carlson said...

We think is written by a man (87%).

So it looks like I'm about 13/15th male.