Thursday, July 02, 2009

Biblioblogging Carnivals and Charts

It's the beginning of a new month and there are new things to see in the world of the Biblioblogging aggregators. Pat McCullough has the latest Biblical Studies Carnival 43, Or the Apocalypse of Eve. It's an entertaining take on the format, with a big thank you to Pat for his trouble in digging up this ancient document. Not sSurprisingly, the ancients had no some idea what podcasts were, and the NT Pod, which launched in June, doesn't gets a mention in the Apocalypse of Eve. Luckily, though, it gets a mention in the latest Biblioblog Top 50 (blurb), also just out. As usual, TAFKANTW has done a remarkable job there. Thanks to all, and congratulations to Jim West who comes out on top once again!

Update: It turns out that a new, interpolated version of the the Apocalypse of Eve does feature a prophecy about the NT Pod, so I have amended the above accordingly.


Douglas Mangum said...

Mark, NT Pod got a prophetically vague mention in the carnival. The ancients knew all about technology (remember Ezekiel 1 is about a UFO, right?) Pat snuck a link to in this line of the carnival: "In that time, Mark of the Good Land will unveil his true voice to the world. His voice shall whisper the secrets of the New Scriptures for each person to treasure for themselves."

So when can we expect NT Pod 4??

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Douglas. Looks like Pat found an interpolation in the piece that wasn't there this morning when I looked! Nice one.

I am on the road at the moment, so don't expect to be able to do the next NT Pod until I am back in North Carolina. I have brought my microphone with me, though, so it's not impossible I will be able to find a quiet corner somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that statement was in the original. You may have been blinded by some divine spirit of true revelatory knowledge when you first gave it a glance. These things happen. In any case, I'm not sure I'd dare add or subtract any words from such a sacred text!

Mark Goodacre said...

So sorry, Pat! I must have missed it. And thanks again.