Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Admitting our Ignorance about the Historical Jesus

My latest In My View piece is up at Bible and Interpretation:

Regular readers of this blog may recognise that it repeats, deletes, adjusts and adds to some of the themes that I have been discussing here in the series on Missing Pieces. It is also my belated birthday tribute to Rudolf Bultmann whose 125th birthday was last week (see Bultmann posts and tributes).


Anonymous said...

The argument is given more weight when the critique comes from someone within the same discipline. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You haven't acquainted yourself with the historical 1st-century Pharisee Ribi until you have addressed ALL of the Judaic historical documentation--instead of relying exclusively on post-135 C.E. Hellenist-redacted rewrites--found at

Andrew Bernhard said...

"The problem is that we are in denial." . . . speak for yourself! :-P