Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Graham Stanton: The Times Obituary

Tomorrow's Times has its obituary of Graham Stanton:

Graham Stanton: New Testament Scholar

It is a fine obituary, with plenty of detail on his scholarship and even a mention of the British New Testament Society. The following paragraph corroborates what others like Peter Head have said:
Stanton justified his early elevation to a chair and his transfer in 1998 to the prestigious Lady Margaret’s chair at Cambridge. What the publications barely show is his remarkable success as a doctoral supervisor and the unusual proportion of his time and energy spent on this part of his work. His reputation attracted research students from overseas, a welcome contribution to university budgets. The warmth of their devotion to their teacher was evident in a haka honouring his roots and support for the All Blacks at the presentation of a festschrift [sic] in 2005.

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