Thursday, September 17, 2009

Graham Stanton: The Church Times Obituary

Thanks to Steve Walton (offline) and Doug Chaplin for pointing to the Church Times obituary of Graham Stanton, which appeared last week in the print edition and now also online:

The Revd Professor Richard A. Burridge

It is a delightful obituary and through several personal reminiscences Richard Burridge gives the reader a real sense of the man. Once again the warm-hearted, kind nature of Graham Stanton comes through, as well as his importance in the field. Indeed Burridge regards him as having been "the foremost scholar on Matthew’s Gospel in the English-speaking world" and he suggests that his The Gospels and Jesus "has been the standard textbook of the past 20 years". For other tributes and obituaries, follow this link: Graham Stanton.

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