Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me, Live

Jim West, Mark Goodacre Live, has a note from Duke Today about an event this coming Friday when I will be appearing live on camera at Duke to discuss the New Testament:

Online Office Hours tackles "New Testament in the News", September 18

This is "Online Office Hours" is a new weekly event at Duke and I am looking forward to participating. It begins at noon and lasts an hour or so, and then is available for archived viewing later. Here's how you can take part:
Viewers can submit questions in advance or during the session by email to live@duke.edu, on the Duke University Live Ustream page on Facebook or via Twitter with the tag #dukelive.
Or just go straight to the Duke ustream channel. I would prefer not to sit there just busking, so please join me if you can! It kicks off at 12 noon EST, which will be 5pm in the UK.

Update: thanks also to James McGrath on Exploring our Matrix and Joel Watts on Church of Jesus Christ for the mentions.

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