Wednesday, September 02, 2009

NT Blog Six Years Old Today!

Happy birthday to me, six years old today. The first post on this blog was on 2 September 2003, Welcome to the NT Gateway Weblog where I wrote that
I've been inspired to set this up by Jim Davila's fine Palaeojudaica weblog at, not least because of a comment he made in that recently that it would be helpful to have more people doing the same kind of thing. I've very much enjoyed reading his blog over the last few months and while I doubt I will be able to do as good a job as he, I am nevertheless encouraged to try something similar myself.
Well, there are a few more people blogging now!

This last year has been one of the most important of the six, not least because half way through the year, the old NT Gateway blog morphed in to this NT Blog, taking the archives with it and migrating to a new URL. At the same time the NT Gateway, which stayed at its old URL,, had a major reboot as I went into partnership with Logos. The improvements to the NT Gateway continue, and you can follow all the progress over on the NT Gateway blog which launched in February along with the new site. There are several exciting developments to come there over the coming weeks. (February was the big month -- Developments at the NT Gateway; Blog changes; New Blog URL; Blog Migration Success; New NT Gateway site launched; New NT Gateway now live).

The other development around here over the last year or so has been the launch of my NT Pod over on I began this project after experimenting informally with a podcast in teaching last semester. There are ten episodes of the NT Pod so far, and it's something I am enjoying. As regular readers will know, I sometimes post programme notes here on the NT Blog too.

Many thanks for the support and encouragement over the last six years. I wonder if I will still be blogging in 2015?


James F. McGrath said...

Happy birthday blog!

Loren Rosson III said...


Michael Barber said...

Congrats! In all sincerity, this is one of my favorite sites on the web. Keep up the good work!

crystal said...

Happy Birthday to the blog! It's been a great source of information for me - thanks.

Stephen C. Carlson said...

Six blog years is how many human years? At any rate, congratulations.

Dr. H. Sung Ryu said...

Congrets! It has been very informative. I appreciate all those “the story of Jesus” related blogs.