Friday, April 09, 2010

Bibledex: Luke

There is a new Bibledex video from the University of Nottingham:

As usual, it's nicely done. My only criticism is that they should put the scholars' names on screen the first time they appear. They are Anthony Thiselton, Alison Milbank, Emily Gathergood and I think Pete Watts.


Brady said...

Hi Mark,

Always appreciate you giving us a mention in your pages.

Regarding the captioning of theologians... it's a fair point!

I didn't do it at the start as I have never done it with other projects (periodic table of videos, sixty symbols, etc) because I felt it cluttered up the screen with a name no-one really cared about in YouTube world....

I figured people could look everyone up on the main site, where I list everyone with pictures. if they were that interested.

However Bibledex's "cast" has grown to a point where it may have been useful... The only thing stopping me now is that I'm more than two thirds through the project and I'm just keeping the videos consistent in their look and style.

If I had my time again I'd probably do it!


Mark Goodacre said...

All good points, Brady. Appreciating these videos.