Friday, April 16, 2010

Bibledex: Titus

The latest Bibledex video from the University of Nottingham is on the book of Titus:


J. R. Daniel Kirk said...

Really interesting video. I do like that they had the varying viewpoints on authorship. That's good for students.

I was almost shocked that the non-Pauline authorship scholar (a position I share) said that "devoting oneself to good works" was opposite of Paul's teaching. That seems to be based on a poor, stereotyped reading of Paul.

Otherwise, I thought that the argument laid out the positions well. Thanks for making us aware of these.

Brady said...


As the film-maker, part of my goal for Bibledex is to help people better understand what discipline of theology itself is like...

And I'm fast learning that part of theology is often that people don't alwasy agree... so I like that to come across!