Saturday, August 21, 2004

Also in the Church Times

Also in this week's Church Times a short report on the news item of the week:

Was this John the Baptist’s cave, asks archaeologist
Pat Ashworth

This is mainly worth looking at for its little cartoon ("John the Baptist's Cave: Mind Your Head").

In Book Reviews, it's nice to see a mention for the following work, for which I was one of the authors:

By BBC Staff

This is only really a notice, though. It features a link to the purchase details: The Good Book Pack

Finally, there is a review by Mark Edwards of the following:

THE SONG OF SONGS: Interpreted by early Christian and medieval commentators
By Richard A. Norris Jr, editor
. . . And is it really nothing but a love song? The austere modern critic pronounces it impossible that God should be conceived as a man with deer-like nipples, playing hide and seek with his bride-to-be through the streets of Jerusalem; but has there been a society, however “primitive” or “oriental”, in which it was thought flattering for a woman to be told that she had a nose like a tower and hair like a flock of goats?
This is in the Eerdmans series The Church's Bible, on which I have commented here before.

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