Tuesday, August 03, 2004

John Paulien homepage

New on Scholars: O, P, Q is the following web page:

John Paulien
Andrews University Theological Seminary, Michigan, U.S.A.

The page features several full text article reproductions, especially on Revelation (though some of the formatting looks a bit odd on my PC, especially Moyise Anthology, which features strings of      Â). Nevertheless, it's great to see another scholar joining in the steadily moving revolution of placing reproductions of their peer-reviewed articles on-line for all to view.

Update (14.06): As Darko rightly points out in Comments, you just need to make sure that your encoding is adjusted to Unicode (if in IE, go to View/Encoding). I have my default selection as Auto-Select but it did not pick this up. Another thing of interest in this article is the way that John Paulien has set up the footnoting, with anchors in the text and footnotes appearing in just that location on-click. It appears to have been generated by Microsoft Word.

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