Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Semeia Offer

The SBL Site is advertising an offer to own all 91 issues of Semeia electronically for $19.95:

Opportunity to Own All Issues of Semeia for $20

Essentially this is a pre-publication offer as part of a joint project between SBL and Logos Research Systems. The feature adds, "Continued development of this product depends on the placement of a minimum number of prepublication orders, so cast your vote for the electronic Semeia today."

It is perhaps worth adding that Issues 79-81 and 83-91 (PDF) are available on the SBL site; and Vols. 19 and 60-72 are available on Ebind (see my Journals page for listing). The project to get Semeia available electronically has been a long and drawn out one, with some hiccups along the way. Once upon a time all the early issues were available on the old Scholars Press web site, but they've not seen the light of day again for some years now. So this may be a good chance to get your own personal complete run of copies for not too much, though one can't help wondering what happened to the original project to get the complete run available on-line several years ago for free public access.

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