Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Visual Greek

One of the links on David Capes's web page (see previous post) is to this remarkable piece of work:

Visual Greek
By Peter Coad

This is a 200+ page coloured book in PDF format which aims to make learning New Testament Greek a lot of fun:
Yes! A way for visual learners to learn how to read and enjoy the Bible in Greek!

Devour these cartoons—and you will be equipped to read
4 out of 5 words in the Greek New Testament!

Introducing the Visual Greek™ System
I have not yet had chance for a careful read-through, but at first glance this looks like a really useful tool. Do visit it -- you'll enjoy it.

Update (14.12): Rubén Gómez comments in Bible Software Review Weblog; Carl Conrad comments on b-greek (and follow thread).

Update (6/8/04): Peter Coad comments on b-greek.

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