Friday, August 20, 2004

Beliefnet's Best Spiritual Blogs

I picked this up from Dylan's Lectionary Blog:

Best Spiritual Blogs
Beliefnet's picks for the coolest, most interesting faith-based weblogs

I was hoping to discover some new blogs of interest, but alas not, for me at least. But I was delighted to see a mentiion for Jim Davila's Paleojudaica in the list, with the blurb "Weblog about ancient Judaism (yet updated surprisingly often)". Is the implication that one would not expect a blog about ancient Judaism to be updated often? But good to see the honourable mention.

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Kurt Kawohl said...

I have always been considered and also still consider myself to be a realist, yet having had a couple of transcendental spiritual experiences has caused me to have discussions with religious leaders and communities on the internet from whom I've had numerous responses worldwide. IMHO, past spiritual interactions with so-called "prophets" and religious leaders who wrote the "Holy Books" was translated by conditioned minds which often endorsed superstitions and therefrom a deity similar to a king or warlord was created. My interpretation of the spiritual existence is of it being a spiritual progressive intellectual unity, a community which functions somewhat like a government rather than being dominated over by one deity.