Thursday, August 05, 2004

Biblical Interpretation

On Paleojudaica, Jim Davila notes the contents of the last two editions of Biblical Interpretation. I don't think I've blogged on the either of these, so mention it here. As usual, it is subscriber or institutional subscriber only, though access to the abstracts is free for all. Go to Paleojudaica for contents list, or click below for contents and abstracts:

Biblical Interpretation

Here's another interesting fact from the Biblical Interpretation site: the free issue available to all visitors changes. When I set up my Journals page three years ago, I noted that there was "free access to the January 2000 edition for all visitors". In fact, I even made this a Featured Link. But now the free issue available is January 2003. Two thoughts:

(1) If you do not have individual or institutional access to these journals, make sure you save the contents of any free issues to your PC while you have the chance. It might have disappeared before you visit again; and in time you might be able to build up a bit of a library!

(2) The fact that these free issues move confirms my decision not to index these separately on the New Testament Gateway. At first my inclination was to index such articles, but there was always the concern that they would not hang around. And that's what has now happened. For this and other reasons (like the frustrating disappearance of all those Harvard Theological Review articles on, it seems that it is a good idea to prioritise the indexing of articles that appear on scholars' homepages, which tend to be more stable, and also more useful to users.

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