Monday, August 09, 2004

Review of Biblical Literature Latest

Here are the latest additions to the Review of Biblical Literature under the New Testament heading:

Chester, Stephen J.
Conversion at Corinth: Perspectives on Conversion in Paul's Theology and the Corinthian Church
Reviewed by Chris M. Smith

Gilbertson, Michael
God and History in the Book of Revelation: New Testament Studies in Dialogue with Pannenberg and Moltmann
Reviewed by Kyle Abbott

Grant, Robert M.
Second Century Christianity: A Collection of Fragements
Reviewed by Tobias Nicklas

Lieu, Judith M.
Neither Jew Nor Greek?: Constructing Early Christianity
Reviewed by Sabrina Inowlocki

Moxnes, Halvor
Putting Jesus in His Place: A Radical Vision of Household and Kingdom
Reviewed by Ronald R. Clark

Patte, Daniel, Monya A. Stubbs, Justin Ukpong, and Revelation E. Velunta
The Gospel of Matthew: A Contextual Introduction for Group Study
Reviewed by Scott Yoshikawa

Spencer, F. Scott
What Did Jesus Do?: Gospel Profiles of Jesus' Personal Conduct
Reviewed by Vaughn Crowetipton

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