Tuesday, August 31, 2004

!Hero DVD Release

My DVD of the !Hero Rock Opera arrived today. I've blogged about this on various occasions in the past (New Rock Opera on Jesus, !Hero Web Site, !Hero Rock Opera, !Hero Worship, and Real Mary Magdalene). The soundtrack, written by Eddie DeGarmo, is pretty enjoyable, far preferable to Godspell but not quite reaching the heights of Jesus Christ Superstar. The DVD release is of the live stage show, but has bags of extras too (a 2-disc set). I hope I get a chance to watch it soon and will comment here when I have. Anyway, here are the details:

!HERO: The Rock Opera

Happily, I don't have to repeat my previous complaint about the price of international shipping. I got my copy for less than $30, including free shipping the UK, which at the current exchange rate is pretty good. The DVDs are all autographed, apparently, if one buys from the !Hero web site. Mine has the single word "Mark" in silver pen, presumably Mark Stuart (Petrov). As far as I can tell, the DVD is only available from that site at the moment.

I haven't yet seen any proper reviews of this DVD, which I think came out in mid-July, but there are several reviews of the CD which was released earlier in the year, e.g. this one on Christianity Today, but I think it's better than he does:

Various Artists
!Hero: The Rock Opera (Meaux Music)
by Andree Farias

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