Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Encouragement for Zhubert

Zhubert comments on the leak of Facebook Secrets and develops reflections about his own site, now called The Resurgence Greek Project, concluding with the following:
In fact, I think this project is on the edge of failing. After more than two years, it is still only the work of one person, the code has become a beast, and there are few resources to address any of these needs. Of course the statistics aren't showing failure...we average over six thousands users a day, with a crazy amount of page views etc, but how long can a project stay the _closed source_ work of one man?
I just wanted to add a word of encouragement for Zhubert because I think this is such an excellent resource, which still far surpasses anything else that is freely available on the web. And 6,000 users a day really is something to be proud of. I understand that "one man" element to this -- compare some of my recent comments about the future of the New Testament Gateway. Perhaps the answer is to look towards some more collaboration? My main purpose in this post, though, is to offer a bit of encouragement to Zhubert on his fine site.


Bob MacDonald said...

Software we are all dependent on - and it is beast by nature - revealing our tendency to error. And it is costly - and no one really wants to pay for the time, research or especially error correction. You and Z are both dealing with succession planning - unavoidable for the children of the dust who uncover the secrets of the sand (silicon) - the gift to Zebulun (Deuteronomy 33:19).

GUNNY said...

I also appreciate Zhubert's site.

It's so nice to check something with just a few clicks as opposed to walking across the room to grab my Greek NT and/or BAGD, etc.

Even if nothing more were added to the site, I'd still be an appreciative user!