Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stendahl, Introspective Conscience Article Online

Over on the Paul Page, they have made available online one of the most important articles on Paul written in the twentieth century. Perhaps the most important. With all the recent discussion on the biblioblogs about the new perspective on Paul, the reproduction of this essay, which predates yet anticipates the new perspective, is timely:

Krister Stendahl, "Paul and the Introspective Conscience of the West"

First, a big thank you to Mark Mattison for producing this. Second, a bibliographical note. Mark gives the bibliographical detail as Krister Stendahl, Paul from among Jews and Gentiles, published by Fortress in 1976. The original location for the article was Harvard Theological Review 56 (1963): 199-215. Third, a quick question about copyright. Mark thanks Luis Jovel for coordinating permissions, but it might be worth adding a note to that effect on the page where the article is located, all the more so if this includes permission from the author. Fourth, a couple of requests. Could full bibliographical details be added? I find this encourages students to reference internet materials properly. And is there any chance pagination could be added for ease of reference?

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Luis Jovel said...

Hello Mark, this is Luis Jovel.

I have been in contact with Augsburg Press in order to continue to publish the article in question beyond February 2008, when the (free) permission runs out.

Depending on the discussion, I will contact Mark to let him know what sort of permission we can get.

I thank you for your mention of my contribution to this dialogue. I am encouraged to continue doing my work. This is a great boost from my original attempts to get permission from other theological journals, one in particular, in which I was refused for not being a scholar or have an affiliation to a theological institution.

I hope to continue publishing this type of articles, along with others, for the edification of the theological community, in particular students, like me.

I will keep you posted, otherwise, you can contact Mark Mattison.


Luis A. Jovel