Monday, August 06, 2007

Novum Testamentum latest

The latest Novum Testamentum is now available online to subscribers, with abstracts available free for all:

Novum Testamentum 49/3, July 2007

Matt. 18:10 In Early Christology and Pneumatology: A Contribution to the Study of Matthean Wirkungsgeschichte
pp. 209-231(23)
Author: Bucur, Bogdan G.

Death, Covenants, and the Proof of Resurrection in Mark 12:18-27
pp. 232-256(25)
Author: Trick, Bradley R.

The Christian Life in a Dialectical Tension? Romans 7:7-25 Reconsidered
pp. 257-280(24)
Author: Chang, Hae-Kyung

'Eαv μη in Galatians 2:16: A Look at Greek Literature
pp. 281-290(10)
Author: Hunn, Debbie

Some Bibliographic Notes on Greek New Testament Manuscripts
pp. 291-295(5)
Author: Wasserman, Tommy

Book Reviews

The Crux of Election: Paul's Critique of the Jewish Confidence in the Election of Israel
pp. 296-300(5)
Author: Stenschke, Christoph

The Conversion of the Imagination: Paul as Interpreter of Israel's Scripture
pp. 301-303(3)
Author: Rodgers, Peter R.

Gregory of Nazianzus
pp. 304-306(3)
Author: Guthrie, Sally

Evangelium Iohannis Aethiopicum
pp. 307-310(4)
Author: Baarda, Tjitze

On the Occasion of C.K. Barrett's 90th Birthday
pp. 311-311(1)
Authors: Borgen, Peder; Breytenbach, Cilliers; Elliott, Keith; Mitchell, Margaret; Moessner, David; Thom, Johan C.

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