Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fort Lauderdale Study Program: Anne Killebrew and me

The following has just been announced by the Biblical Archaeology Society:

Insights into the Bible from Archaeology
Monarch or Messiah?
The King of Jewish Expectation and the Christ of the New Testament

with Ann E. Killebrew and Mark Goodacre

Learn from two great lecturers as they bring the ancient world to life!

Hampton Inn Downtown/City Center
March 7-8, 2008
In recent years the rapid pace of archaeological discoveries has vastly improved our appreciation of the Bible and the world in which both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are set. Hear firsthand about many of these key discoveries from an archaeologist who has been closely involved in those discoveries. Supplement those lectures with talks by a leading New Testament scholar on a concept crucial to understanding both Judaism and Christianity—the meaning of “Messiah.”
Full details are available on the web, or you can download the brochure (PDF).

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