Monday, January 07, 2008

Who Wrote the Bible? on Youtube

I've been updating my homepage over the last day or so, spurred on by having to complete my annual report at Duke. While updating the links on my Media Consultancy page, I came across something of possible interest. Back on Christmas Day 2004, Channel 4 broadcast a programme presented by Robert Beckford and entitled Who Wrote the Bible? I featured in one part of the programme, discussing the Gospels, and I recently came across it on Youtube. It's about eight minutes or so long and features the two of us walking around Rome discussing Mark, Matthew, Luke and John in turn:


Anonymous said...

Having watched his recent C4 programme on Christmas day, especially listening to some of the things he says during it, I'm surprised he still thinks of himself as a Christian. Near the end he said something to the effect of...

"Forget about the doctrines, what I'm interested in is what Jesus taught, what he stood for"

It was the "I bet you didn't know this" and as it happens "I as someone who ought to know also didn't know" type programme.

Sorry, but that last one really annoyed me, it was as balanced as Fox News during the run up to Christmas, it was Da Vinci Code territory.

Anonymous said...

I saw this when it was repeated in 2005. I always find these type of progs to be very by-the-numbers (library backdrops, sitting on sand dunes, etc) and I do feel that full time academics shouldn't be acting like Tony Robinson in Time Team and pretending not to know basic material.