Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mark Chancey back in the news

Mark Chancey is back in the Dallas news today:

Professor has faith in religious tolerance
Methodist's lecture series to explain New Testament to Jewish audience
By MARY JACOBS / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News
Typically, Mark Chancey's role is helping Christian audiences better understand Judaism. But for four Tuesdays in January, the SMU associate professor will be doing the opposite: explaining the New Testament to a primarily Jewish audience.

Dr. Chancey is the featured speaker for Temple Emanu-El's annual adult education course, this year titled "The New Testament: First Century Jews, First Century Christians." The course begins Tuesday . . .

. . . . "Much of the New Testament is Jewish literature," he said. "Christianity didn't become a new religion until early Christians began reinterpreting ideas that were originally Jewish.

"But we're starting off with Jewish ideas – a messiah, the temple, sacrifice and law. Even though Christian tradition ultimately went its separate way, the beginnings are Jewish."

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