Thursday, September 10, 2009

Richard Burridge, "Being Biblical? Slavery, Sexuality and the Inclusive Community"

Richard Burridge, who is over from King's College, London, gave an entertaining talk at Duke today at what is known as a "brown bag lunch" (which means that the punters bring their own sandwiches). He mentioned at the end of the talk that a fuller version is available on the Kings College website and I thought I would mention it here:

BEING BIBLICAL? Slavery, Sexuality, and the Inclusive Community (MS Word DOC)
The Twenty-second Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture, 10 May 2007, Westminster Abbey


Gail D said...

Outstanding, and thorough in his analysis. I look forward to the publication of his upcoming book on ethics.

The lecture reminded me of something I'd almost forgotten, when back in high school, one of my classmates (a member of the very conservative Church of Christ denomination) used certain passages from the OT to "prove" that interracial marriage was forbidden by God. We were only in our teens at the time, so now I recognize in retrospect that this was something she had actually been taught by her pastor (or other religious leader), not something she devised on her own.

And it serves as a reminder that when we teach the texts and their contexts, we also need to teach how the texts have been used over time.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Gail -- interesting. The Burridge book, Imitating Jesus, is now out -- Eerdmans.