Thursday, November 20, 2003

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search at SBL

On Saturday I am giving a short talk in the Computer Assisted Research Section (which by quirk of history is abbreviated CARG) on my All-in-One Biblical Resources Search. I am currently working on the latest version of the resource, deleting defunct searches, neatening up the code, adding fresh materials. I will preview elements of the new version in due course, but while I am updating I would be very grateful for any feedback on people's experience of the resource, especially things that I could improve. My guess is that there is a law of diminishing returns as one progresses through the site -- many use the Bible Versions and Translations page, some use the Biblical Resources page, few use the other pages. In fact I discovered to my horror this morning that there is very little on the General Academic and Religion Page that still works because of moving sites. The fact that I've not received a single email saying "What's gone wrong here?" suggests that that page, for example, is very seldom used. Anyway, if anyone does have suggestions for improvement, or feedback about what is most useful on the site, I would be happy to hear from them.

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