Tuesday, November 04, 2003


A brief interlude of general internet interest. I'd never heard the term "Googlistas" until Saturday's Guardian which had an interesting article on the attempts by Microsoft to buy up or replace Google:

Googlistas will never be Mooglesofters

I hope that Google can stay independent and maintain the quality of its service. Who now uses anything else? I suppose that if Microsoft does develop a rival, it needn't mean the end of Google just as Internet Explorer has not meant the end of Netscape. I still use Netscape a good deal -- and Netscape 7 is a great improvement on previous versions; e.g. for some reason my Netscape seems to find it much easier to read sites using unicode fonts than does my Internet Explorer. Looking at browser share among users of the NT Gateway, just over 6% of users access it using Netscape and just over 93% using Internet Explorer. Although overwhelmingly dominant, it hasn't completely usurped Netscape yet.

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