Thursday, November 06, 2003

James Ossuary again

Even if you're fatigued with the James Ossuary business, there are a couple of things well worth reading here. First, Bible and Interpretation have published the following useful article:

Jeffrey R. Chadwick, "Indications that the 'Brother of Jesus' Inscription is a Forgery"

This is apparently an article that Chadwick initially offered to Biblical Archaeology Review but which was rejected. The "Final Observation" at the end of the article is particularly interesting, drawing attention to Oded Golan's knowledge of ossuary 570 in Rahmani's Catalogue, which has a crucial similarity to the James ossuary (the reference to and the spelling of achui, "the brother of").

Then have a look at a fascinating entry in Stephen Carlson's Hypotyposeis blog:

More on the James Ossuary

featuring some discussion of Daniel Eylon's views from a recent talk.

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