Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Toddler Jesus Topples Egyptian Idols

BeliefNet have an excerpt from a book by Paul Perry called Jesus in Egypt: Discovering the Secrets of Christ’s Childhood Years, the excerpt in question focusing on the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew:

Toddler Jesus Topples Egyptian Idols

From the excerpt one gets the impression that the author is rather credulous; looking over on Amazon, Booklist has the following:
At first, as he reconstructs and then follows the trail, drinking water from healing wells and casting an eye on the bones of saints, it seems as if he simply believes the journey to have been a real event, but eventually he begins to wonder whether he is following "a complete fiction." Finally, though, he sees himself as a believer who "let his heart be his guide," concluding that it may not matter if the events are factual.
That helps one to get a feeling for the tone of it. Have a look at the clickable map -- great fun, e.g. have a look at Jesus' footprint discovered in Sakha in 1984

Map: Jesus in Egypt

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