Friday, November 28, 2003

Tyndale Tech and Red Light Green

The latest Tyndale Tech email from David Instone Brewer arrived last week. As usual it is full of interesting tips and links (though also as usual it is a NT Gateway free zone; I hope David is not boycotting me!). The theme this month is Full-text books and articles on the web. There are several links of interest. The first is something called Red Light Green. Here's the link:

Red Light Green

I've added to the NT Gateway: Bibliography (Search Engine) page with this description:

Project emerging from the Research Libraries Group "designed for undergraduates using the Web and the libraries that support them". delivers information from RLG members about more than 130 million books for education and research; and it links students back to their campus libraries for the books they select.

While updating that page, I noticed that the BSW Multi-Library Search is still not working so I've relegated it to the bottom of the page and added a note to that effect. I think it's not been working for some time now and so I'll drop the link soon if there's no change.

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