Sunday, November 30, 2003

AKMA, the Marriott Marquis and Richard Hays

In a recent blog entry, AKMA explains how much he likes the Marriott Marquis hotel, which I had described as "soulless". I think what I didn't like about it was the gaping absence of anything in the middle of the hotel -- a sort of central shaft of nothingness -- and then the storey after storey one after another stacking up identically to the very high ceiling. It reminded me a bit of the worst inner city British 1960s high-rises. But I did like the breakfast at the American Grille and the cook-to-order omelettes -- that was a real highlight. Funnily enough, like AKMA I also left my mobile phone charger in my hotel room so one would have thought that security would have been used to this.

AKMA mentions Richard Hays and links to his webpage. This was one I did not have listed, so I've now added it to Scholars: H. I was also delighted to click on I recommend and to see The Case Against Q listed!

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