Sunday, November 09, 2003

Lummis Theory

Jeff Peterson comments on my Naming Synoptic Theories, "I wonder if it's not a bit unjust to Edwin Lummis to say that Farrer was "the first to work the theory out with rigour," as L. did write a (short) book working the theory out in considerable detail, admittedly in telegraphic prose and on the documentary assumptions of the Oxford Studies rather than the better account Farrer's article offered on literary assumptions. It's understandable that he's been neglected as he had no apparent influence (I still think it's unlikely that Farrer read him), but it's nonetheless time he was given his due." Jeff is referring to E. W. Lummis, How Luke Was Written (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1915) and he is of course quite right to give him his due. So "the Lummis Theory" it is then.

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