Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Blogging mechanics 2: Comments old and new

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced blogger's own comments feature (New Blogger Features), explaining that while this was preferable to the old Haloscan comments, I did not want to lose a year's worth of old comments and so decided to put the two side by side. Unfortunately, no one seems to have realized that the "New comments" link was supposed to be the one to click and use, and commenters still used the old Haloscan "Comments" link. So I am trying something different -- I've relabelled the old Haloscan comments with "Old Comments" and the Blogger feature with just "Comments". So please use the "Comments" link and not the "Old comments" link. I hope that that makes sense; if not, I'll just scrap the older comments link anyway, but I'd prefer to keep it so that the older comments stick around.

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