Monday, September 13, 2004

Review of Biblical Literature latest

Latest from the Review of Biblical Literature:

Malherbe, A. J.
The Letters to the Thessalonians: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
This page links to several review of the book, with an Introduction by John Fitzgerald and Reviews by:

Jan Lambrecht
Edgar Krentz
Charles Wanamaker
Johan Thom
Margaret Mitchell
Silva, Moisés
Interpreting Galatians: Explorations in Exegetical Method
Reviewed by Ron Fay

Zahl, Paul F. M.
The First Christian: Universal Truth in the Teachings of Jesus
Reviewed by D Seiple

Hays, Richard and Ellen Davis, eds.
The Art of Reading Scripture
Reviewed by Roy Melugin

Pokorný, Petr and Jan Roskovec, eds.
Philosophical Hermeneutics and Biblical Exegesis
Reviewed by Peter Frick

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