Friday, September 10, 2004

New blogger features

I've updated my blogger template to feature two of the new blogger facilities. First, I've added Blogger's own comments facility. This was not available when I began the blog and so I used Haloscan instead. The disadvantage with Haloscan are that the comments are hosted elsewhere; moreover, blogger's own comments provision allows one to see the comments on each individual post's page. But I did not want to lose all the Haloscan comments from the last year or so, at least not for the time being, so I have gone for the slightly unwieldly solution of keeping both. So please, from now on, use the "New Comments" link you see below rather than the "Comments" link. I've even added "Use this" for the time being to encourage everyone to click on the right link.

I've also enabled the "Email this" link -- post a link to a blog entry to a friend by clicking on the icon.

Of course if you are reading this in an aggregator, you will have to leave the aggregator to access those features.

The next thing I need to change is the search facility on the NT Gateway as a whole. I reached my Picosearch limit of 1,500 pages this week so will need to transfer over to Google's search. But that will take a little while to implement.

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Mark Goodacre said...

Testing out the new comments feature to check that all is well.