Monday, September 13, 2004

SBL Seminar Papers On-line

The SBL Seminar Papers are now available on-line:

SBL Seminar Papers 2004

The on-line version replaces the older paper version. It looks like the on-line version has created fewer rather than more submissions, unless it is just that the number looks fewer when one sees them on-line. Unlike the older paper version (again, if I remember correctly), there is a statement limiting their usage and flagging these up as works in progress:
Because these papers represent works in progress, they should not be quoted or otherwise cited without permission from the author.
Here are the papers that touch on New Testament themes. All are PDFs:

S21-60 Formation of Luke-Acts Consultation
Claire Clivaz, University of Lausanne
"A Sweat like Drops of Blood" (Luke 22:44): at the Crossing of Intertextual Reading and Textual Criticism

S23-10 John's Apocalypse and Cultural Contexts Ancient and Modern Section
Olutola K. Peters, Emmanuel Bible College
Politics of Violence in the Apocalypse of John: Moral Dilemma and Justification

S22-115 Mark Group
Lawrence Wills, Episcopal Divinity School
The Sacrifice of the Hero and The Death of Jesus in Mark

S22-17 Matthew Section
Mary Kay Dobrovolny, Vanderbilt University
Who Controls the Resources? Economics and Justice in Matt 20:1-15

S22-18 Midrash Consultation
Herbert Basser, Queen's University
The Value of the Gospels for Reading the Rabbis

S22-77 Synoptic Gospels Section
T. M. Derico, Trinity College, Oxford
Upgrade and Reboot: A Re-appraisal of the Default Setting

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