Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Accordance: Links to Oaksoft

This circular has gone round from Helen Brown at Accordance:
We have a problem with Google: sites are rated partly by the number of sites that link to them. Since we changed our domain from www.oaksoft.com to www.accordancebible.com, we are at a disadvantage in that virtually no webpages link to the new domain. Although the old links still work seamlessly, we need to work to improve the number of sites that do link to the new domain.

Please correct the links on your site, and keep in mind that all the subsidiary pages and links have changed completely.
The only link I have is to an old blog entry on Biblical Studies Bulletin 31, so I hereby add above a link to the new URL. I should add that the New Testament Gateway as a policy links only to free software, so the lack of inclusion of Accordance, of course, is no comment on the programme and its well-known qualities.

I imagine that the concern is if one were to type something like "Bible software" into Google, when Accordance would come number 12 in the list, and not in the all important top few. If, however, one had already heard of Accordance by word of mouth, and typed in "Accordance", it does come up top, and with both URLs.

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