Thursday, September 23, 2004

Horizon on King Solomon's Tablet of Stone

I forgot to mention this earlier, so apologies to anyone in the UK who might have caught this if I'd have mentioned it in time, but tonight there was a good documentary on King Solomon's Tablet of Stone which touched also on the James Ossuary. It was on Horizon on BBC2 and the programme's web site carries a useful summary:

King Solomon's Tablet of Stone

It also promises a full programme transcript in due course. There were several interesting pieces of footage, one showing how to make a fake patina, another showing Oded Golan's arrest (or at least Golan in handcuffs being led away) and another showing the pieces retrieved from Golan's residence, including what were claimed to be several half-completed fakes, and loads of bullae.

Added Note: I've had a hunt around and see that if anyone is desperate, there is a repeat showing on Wednesday 6 October, BBC1, at 4.05 a.m.

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