Saturday, September 11, 2004


KALÓS, the free classical Greek computer programme, has announced Version 2.9:

In this version we finally took our \"Tutti i verbi greci\" and did a dramatic overhaul of the morphological analysis.

There\'s still work to do but we think the results of our work will show. Notice how the full numbers of exploded forms that are generated when entering a word are presented to the user for filtering.

Other improvements and bug fixes in this version:

-the selection of verbs by category now works

-accents type and position on the vocalic contracted verbs were corrected

-several problems in the presentation of the verb listing were corrected

-more spacing has been given to the listings\' rows

-problems with the listings\' grouping were corrected

-the listings of the infinitive now show more than one form if available

-conjugations of very common verbs (TRE/YW, QNH|SKW, FHMI/, LAMBA/NW), presented problems that were corrected

-the participle listings of several -MI verbs failed, this has been corrected

-several liquid verbs presented problems in the infective (present and imperfect). This was corrected.

Besides ... yes, we have a normal WINDOWS SETUP! (applause).

We hope you enjoy our latest version. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming, your feedback helps us enormously improve the program.


Anonymous said...

so... where can you download it?

Mark Goodacre said...

It looks like the link has gone dead now; I don't know if it has been relocated anywhere else.